On Roof Solar Panels
and Battery Systems

Solar and battery systems

These latest systems have never been so efficient. The battery storage allows the homeowner to have more energy independence, reducing carbon footprint and significantly reducing energy bills.


If you’re thinking about getting solar panels, you’re going to want to know what you’ll spend and save. Solar panels are far easier than you may think to install. As soon as they’re up you can start benefiting from solar power! We're here to help you discover everything you need to know about cost and installation.

Why should we use solar energy?

Solar energy is gaining popularity in the UK and is becoming more affordable and easier to generate than ever.

People like you are looking for more ways to be energy smart with renewable energy sources that help protect the environment.

Advantages of solar energy

1. Renewable

Solar energy is the one of the most effective sources of renewable energy because of the reliable amount of sun the world gets. The ever-advancing technologies that are emerging will continue to harness this source in better, easier and cheaper ways making solar the fastest growing renewable energy source.


2. Clean

​The carbon footprint of solar PV (photovoltaic) panels is already quite small and, as the materials used in them are being increasingly recycled, it continues to shrink.


3. Save money

Your electricity bills could decrease quite a bit because of the power you are generating and using, and not buying from your supplier.


4. No permit required

As solar panels are considered ‘permitted development’ you usually don't need a permit to install them on your roof. There are a few limitations you need to bear in mind before installation.


5. Low maintenance

Once installed, solar panels require very little maintenance. They are generally installed at an angle which allows rain to run off freely, washing dirt and dust away. As long as you keep them from becoming blocked by dirt, solar panels could last for over 25 years with little loss in efficiency.


6. Independence

Investing in a solar power system makes you less reliant on the National Grid for your electricity. As an energy generator, you can enjoy cheaper electricity throughout the day. And if you invest in battery storage, you could carry on using solar energy after the sun goes down.


7. Efficient

You’ll be contributing to a more efficient way of generating energy. Transmitting energy from power plants across extensive networks to your home inevitably results in energy loss. When your power is coming direct from your rooftop, the loss is minimised, so less energy is wasted.


8. Use your own-generated energy after dark

Invest in a home solar battery storage and you could be using your own electricity day and night.


9. Property value

​Solar panels are generally good investment for your home. Current trends in the energy market mean that a home with solar panels (if properly marketed with a focus on the fuel savings and tariff payments) could command a higher price in the future than one without.

Solar battery storage

Make your solar panels go further with a battery. Storing solar energy in a battery helps you towards energy independence.

Discover the benefits of solar panel battery storage

Save money on energy bills

Installing a battery could cut down your electricity bills, especially if you're on a time of use tariff such as Economy 7. You could be charging on cheap overnight electricity and using the battery during the expensive hours.

Complete control

Having somewhere to store extra energy that you can tap into means that you'll rely less on your energy supplier.

Live sustainably

By installing a solar system, you're doing your bit to help towards a Net Zero future. Generating and using your own renewable energy means you'll be relying less on fossil fuels.

Data at your fingertips

Control and track your solar panel and battery system with the app, it's never been easier!

What to know when installing a home battery storage

You don't need to install a battery for your solar panels to work, but a battery can help you get the most out of the energy your panels are generating.

Solar panels will create energy when there is daylight and you can use this solar electricity instead of buying it from your energy supplier. However, these panels don't work at night time (when you tend to use the most energy). So, what happens then?

If you don't have a battery, you'll switch back to using energy from the national grid - which will cost you money. If you have a battery installed, you can use any extra energy stored in the battery at night time. This reduces your reliance on the grid for electricity.